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What’s changed?

Many schools today are realizing that they need to teach more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. They need to prepare their students for an increasingly competitive world that expects them to have certain “Executive Functioning Skills” such as self-direction, delivering on promises, and clear communication. Additionally, The need to improve Executive Functioning skills is one of the most important initiatives among K-12 educators today since they directly impact the three most important measurements of a school’s student accomplishments: attendance, grades, and test scores.

Consequently, schools are changing the way they operate: they’re hiring occupational therapists, creating mandatory study skills classes, and more.


This pedagogical evolution is hindered by the fact that Learning Management Systems were not designed with the aforementioned goal in mind. They were created in the early 2000’s when schools were just starting to digitize and every teacher had a different system of posting or emailing assignments and calendars. Systems like Blackboard and Canvas solved this problem by creating a shared system that would be reasonably consistent from one class to the next.

This was a good first step, however they did little to help students with the Executive Functioning Skills that they need to meet the challenging expectations of the 21st century world.

Tabula learning is here to change all that.


Tabula takes the concept of educational software one step further— a Learning Improvement System rather than a Learning Management System.

The key to the Tabula Learning Solution is a system of notifications and messaging that trains students to develop a set of executive functioning skills commensurate with their age and grade level. It then integrates this philosophy into the entire Learning Management process to ensure that both students and educators participate.



Get a friendlier, easier to use system


Can spend less time and efford bedgering their kids to do their homework


Will see improvements in student achievement


Get the support they need to better prepare for college and/or their careers