About Us

We started Tabula Learning because we’re not only software entrepreneurs, but we’re also parents of school-aged children who have struggled to use existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), and those struggles have manifested in reduced academic achievement. Said another way, existing solutions are so difficult to use that, not only do they not help students improve their grades, for some students, those solutions lead to lower grades. We believe that this is exactly the opposite of what should occur. 

Many children struggle with their executive functioning skills, which leads to decreased academic performance. Executive functioning is a set of skills such as time planning and management, working memory, cognitive flexibility (seeing multiple ways to solve a problem), goal-directed performance, organization, and monitoring their own performance, just to name a few. The lack of executive functioning skills is normal in school-aged children because those skills are controlled by parts of the brain that continue to develop until someone is in their mid-twenties. However, brain development alone does not necessarily develop healthy executive functioning skills. Those skills must be learned as the brain develops. Have you ever met someone who cannot seem to be on time for appointments or cannot seem to complete projects? Failure to develop healthy executive functioning skills is likely the reason. As a result of research done in the past decade on this subject, schools today are increasingly focusing on improving executive functioning skills by having dedicated courses or programs that build these skills.

Tabula Learning is a Learning Achievement System (LAS) that will displace existing Learning Management Systems with a higher-order solution that not only enables teachers to manage and deliver their curriculum to students – a function performed by today’s LMS’s – but also provide age-appropriate scaffolding necessary for students to improve their executive functioning skills as they “learn by doing”.

It seemed to us that in an age of self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, there ought to be a “smart” learning management system, that can use its data to actually help students learn to manage their studies and assignments.  We envisioned a system that could help families and educators of all income levels develop the work and study habits needed to succeed in the 21st-century world.

And so Tabula Learning was born. We decided that we wanted this to be our legacy– a cause worth dedicating our lives to.  It has taken us years of commitment and personal sacrifice to bring this vision to life, and we sincerely hope that it makes a positive impact on society.


Christian Schraga

Michael Manzo